Frequently Asked Questions About Postal Service Jobs

I have wanted a Post Office Job for a long time and I don’t exactly know how to go about getting one. Can you tell me how I can apply for a job with the Postal Service?

First, you must know where you want to work, and then call the testing centers in that area if they are having any forthcoming examinations. They give applications for examinations, if there are openings; that is, if they will be hiring people. In short, you cannot just go to a local Post Office and apply for a job and present a resume pertaining to your qualifications. You need to wait for an exam to be given.

To get a job with the Post Office, do I need just to score 95 to 100% on the exams? Any other qualification requirements?

You need to score 95-100% on the exams. Although 70 is a passing grade, you need to score 95-100% to beat the competition, because thousands of job seekers take a single examination. Veterans, however, need not get 95 to 100% on postal exams to get hired, because they are given preference in federal employment, particularly those veterans with disabilities. However, you need not be a college degree holder in order to get a job with the Post Office. Even if you’re only a high school graduate, you can get a job with the Postal Service, if you score 95-100% on the exams, beating even a Ph.D if he or she got only 80%. Hiring is based not on education, but on what score you get on the exam. New employees are hired from top of the Register of Eligibles, because they are hired based on their scores. It’s that simple.

How shall I know the dates and locations of the testing facilities and the phone numbers in my area or near my area?

To know where entrance exams are being given right now or next week, call the testing centers in your area or in the area where you want to work. Testing centers are usually Postal sectional centers in different regions of the country. Unfortunately, you can’t a list of these testing centers from any Post Office. A directory of U.S. Postal Testing Centers is included in the The Book of U.S. Postal Exams & Post Office Jobs:How to Be a Top Scorer on 473/473-C/460 Tests & Other Postal Exams to Get a Post Office Jobs by Veltisezar B. Bautista, who scored 95-100% on different exams. The directory is complete with addresses and phone numbers. For info about the book, click here.

Is there a special time of the year that you have to go and get an exam or do they take applications all the time?

Exams are not held during a special time of the year. Job seekers can’t apply for exams all the time. Exams are given only when local post offices need new workers to replace retirees or those who left the office or to add employees to their present force due to expansion.

How can I prepare for the entrance exams?

Since the competition is stiff, you must prepare for the exams by purchasing one or two postal exam reviewers, if you want to have a chance in getting a Postal job. Remember, a local Post Office will hire only a small number of employees after an examination is given. One of such reviewers is The Book of U.S. Postal Exams & Post Office Jobs:How to Be a Top Scorer on 473/473-C/460 Tests & Other Postal Exams to Get a Post Office Jobs by Veltisezar B. Bautista.

I’m presently in the army, can I take the test while I’m still in the service or do I have to be out already?

Here’s a paragraph from excerpted from the book Post Office Jobs: How to Get a Job With the U.S. Postal Service by Dennis V. Damp:

“Veterans can file an application with the Office of Personnel management (for those seeking government jobs, outside of the Post Office) or the Postal Service after an examination has closed. If a current list of eligibles exists the veteran can apply within 120 days before or after separation. Ten-point preference veterans can apply anytime to be placed on an existing eligibles list.
“All veterans, regardless of when they served on active duty, may file application for any examination which was open while he or she was in the armed forces or which was announced within 120 days before or after his or her separation, provided the veteran makes an application within 120 days after an honorable discharge. A disabled veterans receives 10 points preference and may file an application at any time.”

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