Finding Post Office Jobs

Finding available post office jobs is not an easy task. First, you have to figure out what type of postal job you are interested in. The various types of postal jobs available at United State Postal Services includes: post office clerk, postal carrier and mail clerk. Other local post office jobs include corporate jobs, sales and marketing jobs, and data technology jobs.

The USA Postal Service (USPS) delivers billions of pieces of mail each week. The USA Postal Service worldwide has over a million employees. Postal jobs involve processing, sorting, and delivering mail and packages along with providing customer service and supplies in post offices. Most postal service workers are mail carriers, clerks, or mail sorters and processors. Postal clerks wait on customers at the post offices, whereas mail sorters, processors, and processing machine operators sort incoming and outgoing mail. Mail carriers deliver mail to hundreds of millions of addresses throughout the world. Postal workers are visible every weekday, including Saturdays delivering the mail.

Postal employees typically retire rather than leave postal careers. In fact, the retention rate for most federal employees is very good compared to the general public.  This goes against the public perceived image that postal workers are unhappy and over-stressed workers.

Even though, the postal service has hundreds of thousands of employees, the public often only sees a handful. There are many different jobs within the USPS including customer server and main processing..

Jobs are available nationally as well as around the globe. As with every employer, a postal worker can transfer or perhaps be transferred to a different position or location. Popular work destinations for the general population is also reflected with postal workers. So attractive locations in warm cities in California and Florida are sought after.

Postal workers gain instant recognition from their community. They are usually automatically popular and trusted. Postal workers appear on television, in movies, and are often depicted as welcome members of communities.  Therefore it is not surprising that many people take the postal exam to get jobs working for the USPS.